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    From Director-general

    Founded in June 1985, the Institute of Policy and Management (IPM) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) carries out research into development strategy and policy. Focusing on key issues concerning national strategies for making China strong by developing science, education and human resources, as well as for pursuing sustainable and innovation-driven development, IPM is working hard to put forward science- and evidence-based strategic options for national and regional growth, and to provide consultancy for central and local governments, and for large and medium-sized enterprises.

    Since its establishment, IPM has scored a large number of widely-acclaimed research achievements with an increasingly balanced spectrum of academic disciplines, an expanding exchange and cooperation network, and a team of highly competent researchers. Its annual report series, including China Sustainable Development Report and High Technology Development Report, have rendered support to the drafting of important national policy documents, such as An Outline for the National Medium- and Long-Term Program for Science and Technology Development (2006–2020) and the 12th Five-year Plan for Innovation Capacity Building in China. By continuously improving its training system, IPM has produced many outstanding management professionals for various sectors.

    In line with the CAS Program "Innovation 2020", IPM has formulated its planning for the next five years and clarified its positioning as a thinking-tank oriented institute. As we advance toward the future, IPM will implement its strategies of branding, cooperation and networking, embrace advanced management philosophy, enlist talented people across the world, and build up its integrated capacity for research, education and consultancy. It will accelerate the development of five research directions (science of science policy, science of innovation policy, management of sustainable development, strategic management of energy security and computational management science). It will also attach more importance to research into strategy, policy and management of national S&T development, innovation development, sustainable development, public security, emergency management, new urbanization and social management. In addition, it strives to give powerful, scientific support to national macroscopic management, policy-making, and CAS reform and development by constructing support platforms and enhancing high- caliber academic exchanges.

    Keeping in mind our motto of Zhitong Qihe (conducting scientific research in a harmonious atmosphere where any opinion is arguable and respected) and Jingshi Zhiyong (serving society by putting expertise into practice), we will contribute to the grand undertaking of building China into an innovation-driven country.                                                                    


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