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    IPM Holds 2015 Innovation and Development Forum
    Update time: 2015-12-31
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    The 3rd China’s Summit Forum on Innovation and Development was held on December 27 in Beijing, bringing together more than 200 scholars and experts from across the country.


    Under the auspices of the China High-tech Industries Promotion Society (CHIPS) and the CAS Center for Innovation and Development (CID), the meeting was jointly organized by IPM, the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED), the Institute of Industrial and Technological Economics (IITE) under the NDRC Academy of Macroeconomic Research (AMR), and the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics (IQTE) under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


    The meeting was chaired by Prof. MU Rongping, head of both CHIPS and CID. Its key-note speakers are prominent scholars in the field, including CASTEC President HU Zhijian, AMR Vice President WANG Changlin, IQTE Director-general LI Ping, Director-general of the CAS Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology FAN Jianping, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park YANG Jianhua, and Director of CFLD Industrial Research Institute GU Qiang. They gave talks on major issues of innovative development, including innovation-driven development strategy, emerging industries, mass innovation and entrepreneurship, pilot reform of regional innovation, and structural reform of the supply front.


    As a major platform for the exchanges of ideas regarding innovation-driven development in China, the forum is held annually.


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