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    Major Research Areas

       To build IPM into a world-class think-tank research institute, priority will be given to five research areas, namely, S&T development strategy and policy, innovation development policy and management, sustainable development strategy and policy, public safety and emergency management, and S&T management and evaluation. Efforts will be made to build up its overall development strength.

    • S&T Development Strategy and Policy
      To support national macroscopic management and policymaking for S&T development, studies in this field will be implemented by means of technology foresight research and giving importance to the CAS drive for development of reform. We will pursue the studies from the aspects of theoretical exploration, policy support and social impact by developing a team of policy research professionals with strong scientific and technological backgrounds. The studies will safeguard IPM's position as an internationally renowned institution for S&T policy research through emphasizing the systematic and scientific nature of S&T policy research, promoting integration between this research and major S&T development activities, and advancing interaction between scientific research and society. 
    • Innovation Development Policy and Management
      To support national macroscopic management and policymaking for innovation development, studies in this field will be conducted by means of developing innovation theory and placing priority on industrial and regional policies in this regard. They will begin with research into designing a roadmap for emerging industries of strategic importance. Efforts will be made to develop IPM into a world-class research institute for innovation development through building up a professional policy research team, strengthening the connection between academic studies, policy design and the monitoring and evaluation of its effects, and promoting government-academia-business cooperation.
    • Strategy and Policy for Sustainable Development
      Centering on major national demands and frontier issues in the field of sustainable development, and by means of interdisciplinary research, exploration will be made into theory, methodology and application concerning strategy, planning, management, policy and platform in this regard by focusing on potential key issues in the next decade. These issues will include sustainability science and policy, low-carbon green growth, resource and energy security, regional and urban environmental management, and macroeconomic policy simulation. At the same time, we will offer theoretical support and consultancy services for promoting China’s sustainable development studies and low-carbon green growth by widening our global perspective and continuously enhancing the global impact of China's sustainable development research.
    • Public Safety and Emergency Management
      In the light of world frontiers and the needs of governments and enterprises in terms of safety and risk management, studies in this field will be conducted by using interdisciplinary theories, methodologies and means. We will conduct theoretical and application research, provide methodological support for China's theoretical studies and practical application in this field, and offer consultancy services for policymaking. 
    • S&T Management and Evaluation
      In the light of conspicuous issues in China's S&T management and evaluation, international trends of S&T management, e-science and CAS practice, research in this field will focus on such topics as macroscopic S&T management and policymaking mechanism, distribution and management of S&T resources, management and evaluation of S&T institutions, management of S&T personnel, and management and evaluation of S&T projects. We will support the implementation of the CAS Program of Innovation 2020 and national S&T reform by exploring fundamental theory and methodology concerning key management systems in research institutes, developing related policy tools, and establishing theories for the development of a modern system of research organizations suitable for China's conditions.
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