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Update time: 2009-09-10
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   IPM has a developed platform for academic exchanges consisting of national societies and journals. Some of its journals, including Science Research Management, Studies of Science of Sciences, and Chinese Journal of Management Science, are identified by the Department of Management Science of the National Natural Science Foundation of China as key journals in the field. The editorial offices of the Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (both Chinese and English editions) are located at IPM. In addition to promoting scientific thinking of CAS, the magazines also communicate scientific ideas of scholars outside the academy. They have become a platform to release strategies of Chinese science and technology community, playing the role of a key media of national science think tank.
   IPM also houses several national societies, including the Chinese Society of Optimization, Over-all Planning and Economic Mathematics, and the Chinese Association for Science of Science and S&T Policy Research. Meeting series organized by them, such as Chinese Annual Academic Conference on Management Science, Conference of China Science and Technology Policy and Management, and National Symposium of S&T Assessment, have become open platforms in the field of S&T policy and management with a strong influence on the S&T community. Other learned bodies affiliated to IPM, including the Chinese High-tech Industries Promotion Society, the Chinese Association for Development Strategy and the CAS Association for S&T Policy and Management, are important arenas for the institute to maintain close ties with enterprises, universities and research institutions. They have an important impact on studies, implementation and evaluation of policies in China.

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